Hungry Music Celebrates 5 Years

French label Hungry Music has just celebrated five years by announcing their biggest endeavor yet. The brainchild of producers Worakls, N’to and Joachim Pastor, the crew’s foundation are cemented in live electronic. Known for bridging genres, the three artists are taking a fresh approach to house music and performance. Fresh off a sold-out date at Paris’ famed l’Olympia, the trio has just released ‘Hungry 5’, ‘an extended compilation, detailing the French collective’s journey through melody’. We connected with these three founders to learn a bit more about their creative process.

All independent artists first, the start is the familiar tale of studio collaboration. N’to and Worakls through the creative process and Joachim naturally joined just a couple of months later. Channeling influences from both traditional music theory and tones of multi-genres, resulting output is ‘hypnotic, pointillist, elegant but powerful’.

“Live acts offer us the chance to rebuild our productions during our sets. This way we have more flexibility to add some variations in relation to original tracks. We can adapt to the vibe, add some special effects with machine and instruments. It’s a unique experience for fans and for us, there is this kind of improvisation, it’s really exciting”

Centered around the live concept, all three agree that it’s the only way to go. As a collective, the crew have realized a house-fueled live experience at unique venues across Europe. Through instant iteration, they combine original productions into a collaborative setup for on-the-fly creation that’s come to define the label.

“The ‘Hungry’ 5 show was a kind of communion between us, we played our best of tracks from the last 5 years. [We felt] this can only be a live set, DJ sets are cool when you play music from others artists, it’s just not our vocation now…”

The crew’s background includes a classical training in music theory, which is all too rare in dance music today. Fusing the right techniques with a fair bit of artistry, the Hungry 5 team have built this project brick by brick. Starting things off as a true DIY team Worakls, N’to and Joachim Pastor originally managed all bookings and biz themselves. They’ve since gathered a small team, but stay a tight-knit crew considering the size of their setup.

“Hungry 5 compilation is basically a best of our music from the past 5 years since we started the label.”

Comprised of a staggering 30 tracks on the digital version, Hungry 5 is a massive take on the team’s ‘greatest hits’. Offered in a triple CD, triple vinyl, or digital there’s no reason to miss out on this gold mind from the French staple. Highlights include a 2018 rework of N’to’s cult-classic cut, Trauma, including Worakls’ cherished rendition, as well as a new remix by Joachim Pastor.

After wrapping up the multi-date tour of ‘bespoke’ performances of tunes from past and present, the three are on to the next. The first solo Worakls album is in the works with a special live Orchestra show in 2019. Keep watch as Hungry Music continues to dish out tasty electronic with a crisp live edge.  

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