Gallery: Lineup Innovation at Amsterdam Dance Event

It’s that time of year, the unfortunate end of the summer season with a promise of late nights inside working it out on sweaty dance floors. Stuck somewhere between seasonal affective disorder and sunburn relief, the transition toward winter is a confusing time of change. Amsterdam Dance Event has become the dance world’s remedy for this tough transition back into the depths of unfavorable weather. The welcoming canals of the Dutch capital play host to movers and shakers from near and far looking to make an impact on the industry… or just party.

Picking up where Winter Music Conference left off, the Initiative of Buma packs hundreds of events into a single week, filling the streets with dance innovation at every corner. Coffer shop gear talks and Silicon Valley-esque hackathons truly merge the worlds of electronic music and business. Acting as a city-wide incubator for music, technology, and culture marketing, ADE is setting the par for industry evolution. 

“With visitors from more than 100 countries now you can confidently claim that Amsterdam is truly the beating heart of the worldwide music industry during ADE, while being at the same time a breeding ground for cultural and technological innovation for five days and nights.” -ADE-director Richard Zijlma

 Just two weeks away, time to start taking a look at what your plans are for the electronic biz’ cornerstone event. Whether you’ll be slurping down canna-shakes or getting FOMO from afar, the diverse lineup’s of this techno conference are definitely worth a gander. Scroll through a few of our top picks before making real decisions. 

Grab Tickets Before it’s Too Late


Considering the city hosts more than a few top event producers, it’s no surprise that the massives are hard to choose between. Brands like Audio Obscura use the conference as a playground to innovate techno production like never before. This year their prison event with Nina’s трип label is just a quick look into the minds of this team without boundaries. Local up and comers komm schon Alter deliver their 24+ experience complete with a solid dose of heavy techno. Then there’s the obligatory stop for Rush Hour‘s classic in-stores, byob ftw. 

We’ll see you riding the streets or on the dance floor seeking out sounds we’ve never heard. With a steady stream of hungry crews trying to make their mark, you’re sure to stumble upon fun. Let us know what you’re up too, see ya out there.