German duo Innellea Bring Heavy Riffs to Afterlife

Tale of Us’ label and event brand Afterlife continues to define what it means to deliver impactful techno with a refined pop appeal. Like maybe of their German friends, the Italian-duo aren’t afraid to go outside of boundaries when finding balance in one of dance music’s more driving sounds. The latest addition to Afterlife makes ‘an impressive statement’ to end 2018 as Innellea drop a 12″ essential pack with four tracks made for the floor. 

After giving the title track a rinse, it’s clear that these German producers are looking for something different in dance. Built around grueling guitar riffs, the raw emotion of rock heavy strings results in an exceptional balance with subtle techno percussion. The rest of the release fills in set gaps with three bangers, no other way to put it. Solid on all sides, the ones an easy add for the versatile DJ looking for a go-to record supported by the big boys.  

Given the label founders’ upbringing with the Life and Death crew, it’s no surprise to see them bringing this sound to the main stage.  As for Innellea, this is just the beginning for their budding catalog. Be sure to catch them on the road this winter.