This New Aphex Twin Video is Not Safe for Broadcast TV

By now you’ve heard all the rumblings of Richard James’ new Aphex Twin album. It true fashion, he started off with cryptic public visuals before his label Warp Records announced ‘Collapse’ via distorted press release over the weekend. To electronic iconic is well known for pushing the boundaries of underground music and this one seriously takes it to the next level. His recent resurgence is a breath of fresh air to a global mainstream scene that needs something fresh. James’ return to the stage is set to influence the next wave of acid-driven techno in the best possible way. In a bizarre series of events, an unveiling of the title track hit a few bumps in the road. 

A planned release of the video was halted last minute due to a failed Harding test. This test is a requirement for broadcast television, meant to ensure erratic strobe imaging doesn’t trigger epilepsy issues. In the interest of public safety, the video by London-based visual artist Weirdcore had to be pulled. Adult Swim creative director Jason DeMarco said in a tweet that the video would premiere online instead. Now up on Aphex’s own YouTube channel, the trippy vid is ready for your viewing pleasure. Be careful, this one’s dangerous. 

Tracklist Our September 14th
01. T69 collapse 
02. 1st 44 
03. MT1 t29r2 
04. abundance10edit[2 R8’s, FZ20m & a 909] 
05. pthex