747’s Debut Album Takes Flight

Vancouver producer Ryan Chan has built project on a framework of techno, but his debut album shows level of depth new to the 747 alias. A true LP, the full ‘The Gate of Life’ explores analog soundscapes with an otherworldly aesthetic. No stranger to the Aquaregia label, this latest 747 contribution is worth a rinse from start to finish.

Twelve tunes that skirt ambient, acid, and a healthy dose of techno drums across the album. His mastery of the 303 is event in underground sounds for the dance floor and beyond. A strong evolution from last year’s Paleo EP series, the LP explores Chan’s studio prowess and electronic diversity.

This year alone, the 747 was seen behind the decks at iconic venues like Paris’ Rex Club and Fabric London. Part of a small group of Canadian techno artists dedicated to elevated drums and analog production.

Shira Ume’ opens the album with wide soundscapes and emotional hooks which flows into ‘Theme from Midnight Express’ that arpeggiates and sweeps throughout. ‘Metal Upa’ then brings in the rhythm with pulsing kicks that feeds into ‘Mystery of Pain’ and its subtle hi-hat pattern before returning to aural bliss with ‘It’s Dangerous to Go Alone (Interlude)’. 

Acid plucks on ‘Unit-00’ then introduces the second half with album title track ‘The Gate of Life’ sending airy midrange, captivating breaks and locked four-four groove back into the proceedings. ‘Kamé’ bounces off with tight cymbals and floating keys whilst leading to ‘One Last Dance’ that stimulates a Sci-Fi like experience before ‘Blood Moon Rises’ brings back a thudding low-end and classic 303 lines. Finally, ‘Passenger of Time’ gives an emotional, acoustic piano piece that perfectly contrasts the gripping electronic tension when ‘Heavens Arena’ euphorically brings listeners to a place of completion as it fires synths into space.