Artefakt Launch De Stijl Imprint

Dutch duo Artefakt have been build a catalog unique techno-influenced cuts for 6 years now. Robin Koek and Nick Lapien’s sound is what some will describe as ‘melancholic’, yet brooding percussion shines bright through clear production. Boasting a growing list of releases on impactful labels across Europe, the project has proven itself as a consistent techno story.

“Through curation of both music and the visual aspect we want to provide our audience with a new entry point to our work. We will use the label to explore some elements of our sound in more depth and also feature affiliated projects and organize events within the scope of the label.

Now as the two kick off the next step in their journey, a label presents a brand new challenge in both artistry and business. Taking the reigns themselves on the first one, De Stijl [The Style] aims to continue their focus on technical production and powerful sounds. The first track off of DS-01 has seen the light of day. Pitter-patter drums open ‘Far and Wide’ whilst soaring pads join scintillating synths and a medley of subtle effects. As with past productions from the duo, textured sounds tell quite the story.

A full year is already stacked for the new label. Rhine clock in the second release with an EP entitled ‘Slaapstad’, out this June. Concluding the year with Cyspe’s ‘Unidentify Yourself EP’ in October. Mark your calendars, De Stijl is here and ready to fill your crates.