Atelier Debut on Lossless

Lossless September 6th: LL1219 is introducing a new act, hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. ATELIER is a duo formed of Jaś Miszewski & Alexander Inggs. Their ‘Something To Fill An Hour’ EP is a prelude to a full-length player which will be released early next year. On the EP you will find the beautifully crafted and organic sounding original which is backed up by two remixes coming from the super in-demand and always tasteful PEREL and the label heads Thomas and Mathias as SBTH.

‘Something To Fill An Hour’ is a deep yet energetic track with all the right ingredients that make the Atelier sound – analog synths, drum machines, guitars, effect pedals and last but not least Jaś’ voice. It’s evolving from start until finish and will sooth you with it’s wide and deep sounds and a beautiful reverb – which was recorded in a church.

The remixes will please the dance floors, while Perel went for her trademark sound with 80s infected melodies and a broken drum machine based rhythm, SBTH built a strong foundation based on a slightly broken, low end driven beat with loads of tension to give the vocal the right appearance as the main element. All this makes an excellent introduction to Atelier and we’re happy to welcome two new faces to Lossless.

Pre-Order the Vinyl from MTN