Mule Musiq To Release Axel Boman Double LP

The Mule Musiq name has become synonymous with timeless dance tones over their fifteen-year history as a label. Tokyo-based promoter Toshiya Kawasaki has built the internationally-sought catalog out of experience making floors work. Clocking over two hundred releases under their belt, the label has become a reliable outlet with top marks in both consistency and quality. It’s quite frankly shocking that Kawasaki has been able to create such a source for crate essential.

Bowman knows his way around the studio

To celebrate a decade and a half in dance, label is collaborating with freind and frequent cover artists Stefan Marx for a special series of collectible art accompaniments. Twelve-part event boasts records from an all-star cast including Roman Flügel, Superpitcher, Chaos in the CBD, and more.

This one, however, is the extra-special return of Axel Bowman after two years of release silence. ‘Le New Life’ is a 6-track double vinyl with sounds you need to hear for yourself. The Studio Barnhus co-founder became a hot commodity more than a decade ago releasing on iconic outlets like Hypercolour, Pampa, and more. None solidified his name as much as his own Swedish imprint.

First track,”chestnut hearts” is super emotional no beat club banger,axel played at his latest boiler room,”slave to the vibe” is slow mo cosmic tune,”paid by the rhythm” is axel’s signature floating house,”copacabana dub” is epic brazilian affair deep house anthem, “don’t bug me” is dubby rasta tune,”konoba boba” reminds little bit early border community sound.