Dettmann Announces BAD MANNERS Outlet

A cornerstone of the Ostgut brand, Marcel Dettmann’s sweat is in the walls of Berghain. The man has influenced an error of techno and delivers one of the most power DJ sets around. For over a decade, Dettmann has been defining the trend for underground club sounds and now he opens and new chapter with a label project. Officially launching in September, the outlet promised selections and productions from the mind of an artist who solidly represents the German techno sound.

Marking his second label, this time Dettmann plans to go somewhat of a different route. Named ‘Bad Manners‘, the label is ready to hit the ground running with two releases ready to go and a showcase to mark the launch. Aimed at ‘bypassing genre limitations and cliches’, the label plans to host friends of Dettmann which are in turn, techno icons.

The first release (cat number 2), taps Berlin-based music educator and vinyl aficionado Mario Resta’s Exterminador project for a fitting debut from close to home. Focused on a timeless sound of OG electro and leftfield techno, his Bad Manners release marks only the third record in a growing discography. This four-track 12″ will hit the racks in mid-September.

With this new imprint Dettmann offers to artists close to him an undefined space for expression while encouraging unpredictability in format and sound.

The second record sees two remixes of Dettmann’s own tunes. Detroit legend Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir and multidisciplinary artist Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis. Shakir and Dettmann have been friends since the 90s, and it makes sense that a Motor City icon helps launch one of Europe’s leading names in techno. The A and B of this record definitely represent two unique cuts off of the standard Dettmann sound, but that’s what this label is all about, right?

The label is celebrating a first 20-hour showcase on October 18th at Amsterdam’s Shelter during ADE with the likes of DJ Stingray, Discwoman’s Umfang, Miss Kittin, live sets by Luke Slater as Planetary Assault Systems and Vril, BM’s first affiliated Exterminador and Dettmann himself. If you’re around, grab early tickets.

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