Listen to the Bird Sounds Mixed by Bambounou

Bambounou takes a different route to the streampocalypse. One hour of ambient outdoors mixed in with a few surprises.

In every country lockdowns are progressively lifting but it seems that we still have to stay at home a bit longer, its still uncertain for our club scene.

Times are strange. We all have to push ourselves forward digitally in order to maintain a “Social DJ Life,” which reveals how our social image and music are intrinsically connected; the status of a DJ becomes instantly meaningless without actual people gathering and communing through music.

With the overflowing amount of information, it is sometimes easy to get lost in an endless consumption of content.

I am of course, also part of this social media game, and thought a bit about what I wanted to present within these messy times, I decided to compile a mix of birds singing to help relaxation.

Now that cities are running at idle speed, nature is slowly coming back through unexpected forms:

Butterflies can live their life without getting hit by a car, plants are retaking what is theirs and birds fly and parade in front of us, not nagging us but just beautifully expressing their freedom.

This mix idealises my dream journey in nature after lockdown, with all its phases, from apprehension to hope.

I hope you, like me, enjoy the original singers of this world.

This includes a recording I made at the botanical garden of Melbourne when I toured Australia in May 2018.

Thank you for listening,