NX1 Arrive BITE With Tough 3-Track EP

Berlin label BITE only just started this year yet their first four releases already define a signature sound of unapologetic techno. Run by American-born, Berlin-based producer Hayden Payne and Florian Engerling, the new German outlet sets a fast pace of drum-centric records made for clubs that can keep up. Releases reflect Payne’s artist project Phase Fatale which kicked off 01 with a Silent Servant collab which hit the racks in late March. In just 6 short months they’ve already made it to 04 from Spanish duo NX1.  

Somewhere far beyond the boundaries of whats acceptable to most casual dance fans, this industrial techno 12″ is dark, scary, and will definitely hit back. The Barcelona label owners are no stranger to heavy sounds of the German capital. Surit and Samot have cut their teeth building a catalog of their own on Nexe Records. Similar to other BITE releases, 04 features forboding vocal cuts layers on unwavering percussion. Get ready to move when this hits the decks, you’re likely to leave with a black eye. 

Bite is refreshing evidence of a hard yet inclusive scene unwilling to let the mainstream in. By kicking up the BPM and worshiping kicks that scare the shit out of most DJs, the pace of releases and sound set a progressive tone for this fresh techno label. Due out August 27th.

A1 BT1
B1 BT2
B2 BT3