Vagara Preps ‘River of Strange Faces’ on BlkMarket Music

One of New York’s most influential underground party instigators called it quits on the promoter scene last year. After over a decade of being a standard for late night house and techno in the city that never the sleeps, BLKMARKET membership closed the doors on the party front, moving on to new projects. In early 2018 BLKMUSIC was born with cat 000 showcasing Cesare and Disorder going head to head on a minimal EP reflecting the elegant electronic underbelly of the city that never sleeps. As label boss and BLKMARKET founder Taimur moves to 001, he taps a Brooklyn producer that embodies the diverse and the organically analog foundations of NYC electronic. 

Guatemalan-born, Brooklyn local Vagara is ‘is the latest artistic embodiment and totem animal of a traveling soul Joolian Lara’. Wax buyer at the BK’s favorite Halcyon the shop, Vagara is no stranger to obscure sounds pressed for the dance floor. Digging through the snippets of this 5 track debut on the new label, it’s evident that the release is a journey made for raw dance floors and sunrise sets. Dubbed ‘River of Strange Faces’, punchy percussion meet warm basslines for a minimal trip down a stream of consciousness techno flow. 

As an active member of the local Future Funktion crew, Varaga has cut his teeth curating unique and intimate experiences for a crowd well versed in subtle grooves make for getting lost. Acidic tones like track four ‘Convient Emotions’ showcase his ability to blend hardware prowess with a psychedelic take on minimal. Delivered on a jam-packed 12″, River of Strange Faces is a crate essential for any on the decks after dark. Due to hit the rack sometime in September, you may need to do some digging for this one. Keep watch and in the meantime, hit follow