SCB Continues the Remix Theme with ‘Test Cut’ on Hotflush

Further developing his SCB alias, Paul Rose a.k.a. Scuba is back for more reinvention of recent LP Caibu. Part three in a series of remix EPs, ‘Test Cut’ features two strong remixes with a fresh original from the man himself. An absolute icon in the underground, Scuba has been progressing dance floor sounds for fifteen years running. More powerful than ever, the star-studded lineup of recent releases places Paul and projects on a pedestal of seminal techno. Due out on August 31st, this 4 track 12″ is a late night heater. 

Still young to the scene compared to the Scuba project, both breakthrough artists Mind Against and Locked Groove amassed a following through top-notch techno. Tapped for their takes on Caibu tunes, this release was definitely made for the dance floor. For their Celestial Dub version of ‘Test Tubes’, Mind Against provide a hypnotic roller that slowly builds upon a single motif, gradually introducing ethereal pads to the mix. Locked Groove forges an unnerving atmosphere with his remix of ‘The Cut’, circling around a darkened combination of somber harmonies and pulsating synths.

Before revisiting an original from the LP tracklist, new tune ‘Hexagon’ is an energetic peak time bomb with dizzying distortions. Jumping out of the gates straight from the start, powerful industrial drums set the pace of this warehouse explosion. Fittingly paired with a bass-heavy album version of Test Tubes, the double-sided wax EP is an easy addition to the crate. 

01. Test Tubes (Mind Against Celestial Dub)
02. The Cut (Locked Groove Remix)
03. Hexagon
04. Test Tubes (Caibu Adjustment)