UK producers Call Super and Parris have teamed up on a dreamy self-release that you won’t want to sleep on. Call Super built a strong catalog on Fabric-based Houndstooth label but more recently delivered a leftfield essential on Peach Discs. Often found behind the decks with icons such as Hunee, Bicep, and more; safe to say his taste is timeless. Recent records from Parris include UK outlets Rubadub and Idle Hand. Combined, these two artists embody leftfield sounds homegrown on the British Isles.

The two split a night a De School earlier this summer, but other than that, the two don’t appear to have collaborated before. Given the quick preview of this one, we can’t wait for more. Without much context or warning, CANUFEELTHESUNONYRBACK appeared on Bandcamp with an A-side tease. At first rinse you’re likely to quickly hit buy, your bank account has been warned.

Release Description: There was an aging writer called Mortise Koshimitsu who lived in a small apartment. The apartment was beset with problems. It was damp, the wiring was frail and in the summer the leaking pipes added a must and swelling to the wood in the windows that effectively countered the joys of the heat. Koshimitsu’s life had been lived chiseling away at circumstance, and circumstances had not proved easy. There was however, one small reliable rush to be had, and it lay through a gloomy doorway, down some stairs and past a register.

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