Cin Cin Open 2019 With Belters Via Joe Goddard & Kiwi

Winter sucks but we’re still dancing, here comes a new 12-inch from Cin Cin to warm you up. Starting off release #13 is the legendary producer with a pocketful of aliases to fill his last decade of touring (Hot Chip, The 2 Bears, Greco-Roman Soundsystem to name but a few) Joe Goddard delivers his solo kicks in this grooving debut.

Side A starts with “Jack Come Back” channeling dark acid basements with a barrage of punching keys, a crawling bassline, and an ominous call to the ever-hunted Jack. “Moebius Trip” takes a lighter approach with a melodic modular adventure, nodding to Detroit rhythms while conjuring sunlit morning dancefloors.

Flip to Side B and meet London-based Kiwi, an ex-club photographer turned powerhouse racking a plethora of respectable releases over the past year on outlets such as Correspondent, 17 Steps, and Disco Halal. Kicking off is “LakE”, a dancefloor bomber that embodies the quality Cin Cin is known for,  frenzied warm basslines accompany chopping vocal notes for a futuristic disco masterpiece. On “KatE” bouncing bass accompanies a delayed vocal assortment in a track that feels like the best of early masterpieces of Dirtybird.

Funky, pure jacking house with an emphasis on analog and vintage sound, Fort Romeau and Ali Tillett’s outlet is ever so satisfying in 2019.

140 Gram Vinyl and Digital download available at an overwhelmingly cheap price via Bandcamp