Circle Sky Releases Dreamy Single with Ulrich Schnauss and Michael Mayer Remixes

Mysterious electronic project Circle Sky just released a single and you won’t want to miss the remix package. Dubbed a ‘network’ rather than a project, Circle Sky (net) represent a unique approach to dreamy electronic pop made for subtle euphoria. ‘Iris is the current voice of the network, its messenger, its communicator and its focal point’, but that’s all we know. With the latest release, the project already attracted a couple of legends to take their own cut.  

“I was deeply honored to be asked to do a remix for this project as I respect who did it immensely.” – Michael Mayer

Innovative German producer Ulrich Schnauss and Kompakt boss Michael Mayer take the rework duties on this emotional vocal single. Available as a limited edition clear vinyl 12”, the original and two remixes are now out in short supply. Ulrich’s take introduces an overwhelmingly right melody in true form from the keys master. On the other hand, Mayer makes molds a classic dance floor anthem, and prime cut for the Colone-based DJ’s sets.

 A strong start for this budding project. With teases of what’s to come, Circle Sky seems to have a stellar future. ‘The network has started online but will continue offline as connections are made IRL with performances and transmissions. Circle Sky represents positive use of technology. There will inevitably be glitches in the network however. Which is where the fun starts…’

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