Berlin Native Dr.Nojoke Returns with Zero Two

If the vinyl is transparent and the sleeve is transparent, does the record even exist? In this case, yes and the translucent release is more real than most dance tracks these days. Berlin native Frank Bogdanowitz has been evolving minimal techno ‘without boundaries’ in the form of his very own vinyl label, CLIKNO. The boss’ project Dr.Nojoke is back with the 12″ part two of double ‘Zero’ EP. With a focus to showcase a delicate understanding of contemporary dance music. Sounds are crafted and designed of self-made field-recordings, aiming to trigger hips, belly, heart, and mind equally with hypnotic grooves and unique sounds.

The EP’s frontside single quickly sets the tone for Nojoke’s DIY quality in the studio. ‘Aplose’ kicks off ten minutes of percussion from cans, clangs, and even kitchen pots, but it works. Dubbed by the creator ‘afro-kraut-jazz-tech’, Bogdanowitz eve sampled marbles rolling across the studio floor. Somewhere within the madness, all parts fit just right. Work of a mixing master paired with a deep bag of recording tricks, it’s tracks like this the showcase a true audio pro. Unique in its entirety, the pulsing tune is a prime dancefloor cut.

The backside takes a darker and more traditional pulse with ‘Kumuestu’. What seems to be led by some sort of Tibetian singing bowls, the entrancing minimal track is like no other. Carried by a hypnotic fluctuating bass-figure and drones the tune slowly mutates into a shamanic rhythm monster creating a resonating field for transcendental dancefloor action.

CLIKNO serves as an explorative space for Dr.Nojoke’s music productions inviting visual artists and writers from all over the world bringing together music and visual art with politics, philosophy, and poetry. After the both “Zero” EPs see the light of day, 2019 will introduce a new series focused on innovative methods to present music, art, and text equally. 

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