Watch: Circle of Live’s Second Release at Freerotation

For the second release on their recently launched imprint, Circle Of Live is proud to present Live At Freerotation 2018.

The follow-up to Loop For Today is comprised of select cuts from an improvised live performance on the main stage during this year’s Freerotation festival. The artists took over the main stage with an unscripted, freeform live performance from open till close.

Offering a recorded first glimpse into the free-flowing experimental set-up currently touring top European venues, the EP is a collaborative soundscape with contributions from Dorisburg, Johanna Knutsson, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert and Steevio. With no prior planning whatsoever aside from an agreed BPM, the recording presented on this unique release offers a snapshot into the imperfections and charm of truly improvised live performance – a refreshing notion in today’s overproduced musical climate. Conceptually, the EP can be understood as more of an open-ended argument in favour of spontaneity and collaboration than a collection of tracks.

Envisioned and created by Sebastian Mullaert, Circle Of Live represents an organic process which aims to detach itself from the habitual routines of dance music, to allow the weird and wonderful elements of collaborative performance to truly come to life. Utilising Sebastian’s unique live set-up which can accommodate any number of participants at once, artists drop in and out and collaborate as much or as little as they like.

COL002 captures the best of Circle Of Live at Freerotation, an odyssey of sound, with rich textures providing a grounding for playful melodic and percussive improvisations. Gently rolling kick and bass patterns drift in and out, carrying the listener along, whilst analogue call and responses showcase the pure synergy of the artistic interplay.

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