Roman Lindau, Sascha Rydell and Monomood launch Colorcode

Fachwerk Records has been an impactful name in Berlin techno, now three of the crew are heading off on their own with a brand new imprint you won’t want to miss. Dubbed Colorcode, the new label Roman Lindau, Sascha Rydell and Monomood combines three unique and original sounds into a bright blend of subtle yet fresh techno.

Admittedly focused on an unbounded variety of sounds, the crew already has four strong releases lined up. Releases will be categorized by sound, building a complete crate ready for the trusting dance floor.

It was time for a break up, time for a new journey, time for new ways to express. The way of thinking is changing and grows with our experiences in life. But in the end music keeps preying on our minds and the wish to express ideas in one`s own way.’ – Colorcode

Every genre has a reference to a color, blue is a dub orientated sound, red is focused on proper 4 to the floor and groovy techno, green is an experimental sound and yellow a more house focused sound and it won’t stop here, we won’t be restricted by these four colors as we are constantly trying to explore new genre boundaries.

Clearly a unique take on the standard label, this crew plan to pack a complex catalog into a single outlet. Keep watch for the records out soon.