Correspondant’s Tradition in Techno, Compilation 06

The math is plain and simple, over seven years, sixty-seven releases, and countless connections on the dance floor, Jennifer Cardini has built a powerhouse in Correspondant. Her tale behind the decks is over double as long in the making. Before launching the Berlin-based label in 2011, Jenn had put in the time to refine her own opinion of house and techno. After cutting her teeth in Paris, Cardini’s move to German was reflected in the poise of her sound as Correspondant came to be. But the story of Jennifer’s impact goes much deep that and sound or label. A strong figurehead of an inclusive culture, Cardini’s composed approach as LGBT-community advocate is a beacon of inspiration for musicians across the globe. 

When it comes to labels, this one definitely has a pulse you can follow. Evolving past the boundaries of the harder side of techno, Correspondant manages to stay on the fence when it comes to melody. Jennifer has a personal policy: any well-executed, compelling new sound is a Correspondant contender, irrespective of mainstream market inclinations in dance music. The rule couldn’t be more evident and she maintains a steady stream of appealing underground sounds while keeping a stacked schedule of gigs. 

As always, the vibe is deep, smoldering, emotive, innovative and unapologetically cosmic as we’re pushed headfirst into Correspondant’s boundary-less soundscape. 

A healthy blend of both olf friends and new, Correspondant’s latest 16-track compilation explores the diverse sound of the label. A true representation of Jennifer’s diverse crew from near and far, a common approach to dance is what connects this bunch. Boasting a tracklist of legends from across the globe, this compilation is truly a masterclass in underground dance music. 

11 tunes on the double pack vinyl or 16 in the full digital release, it’s rare to see a compilation that keeps the interest from start to finish. Is it A&R prowess or is this just the fate of friends? Either way, it works. The release ‘features late night creations from old friends (Red Axes, Zombies In Miami, Mike Simonetti, Moscoman) new friends (Simple Symmetry, Perel, Julian Stetter, ) and friends that have been Correspondant kindred spirits since day one, but have never had the opportunity to cast their magic on the label… Until now (Black Merlin, MR TC, Yula Kasp &’.

Another milestone with dare I say seminal label, Correspondant releases are bound to be leading the dance floor for years to come. With a strong artist figure at the helm who loves to share music the make people listen, the brand is yet another Berlin fixture that impacts reach across oceans. Keep watch for more as Cardini and crew take over the winter clubbing season with hot club tracks.  

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