Terr Debuts on Correspondant with Neuromancer

Jennifer Cardini is making the rounds this summer wielding her usual stellar blend of impactful techno laced with progressive tones. All the while, her Cologne-based label continues to bring it as number 67 hit the racks this week. Brazilian transplant Daniela Caldellas lands on the German label with her live-centric act Terr and you won’t want to miss this liftoff. Fittingly titled after the 1984 sci-fi novel by William Gibson, Neuromancer is a cosmic three-track twelve in that’s an enchanting blend of synth ballads. 

The live focus of Terr as a project is immediately evident in uplifting chords of the sci-fi classics. Since emerging with releases on Hotflush and Permanent Vacation, Terr’s been carving out her place by fusing retro electro textures with sweeping synth emotions. Both title track and B-side are no exception, the tones invite you to join the crew and beam up to a different planet of otherworldly and upbeat dance. Layer on a bright rework by Cold Tonic boss Krystal Klear and this record is ready for orbit. 

Continuing to prove her place as a timeless tastemaker, Cardini’s picks are ahead of the curve while paying homage to the classics. A perfect fit in her home base of Barcelona, Kerr is one act that’s bound to make waves in the festival circuit. Keep watch.  

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A1 Neuromancer
B1 Multiverse
B2 Neuromancer (Krystal Klear Remix)