Paride Saraceni Is Spinning These 5 Records

Paride Saraceni is a London-based DJ, producer, and label who’s quickly rising in the ranks. His recent EP on Suara served up a commanding blend of techno and shed light to the sound of Saraceni’s driving club sets. From the very beginning, his records were found in the sets of Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, Dubfire, and many more. Now having built a strong catalog of his own, Saraceni is a regular fixture on the European main stage.
His own Post Scriptum Music is a growing series of live mixes. By highlighting his mixes as well as other selektas in their natural habitat, this alternative format label is made for the DJ. This unique take on collective growth is a refreshing and innovative take on dance distribution. After catching wind of this budding superstar’s many endeavors, we had to get a look into his crate. Sharing 5 picks that are in recent rotation, here’s a look at the sets of Paride Saraceni:

Paride Saraceni – Choices [Suara]

His latest on the dominant Spanish label is nothing short of a crate essential. Packing a solid punch, Paride steps up to the global main stage with this solid offering on Suara.

Layton Giordani – Secrets of Vibration [Drumcode]

You know exactly what you’re getting into with each Drumcode record and this one is no different. Featuring a unique vocal cadence, this is a set builder armed with a live appeal.

Maya Jane Coles – Won’t Let You Down (Paride Saraceni remix) [I/Am/Me]

This punchy take on Maya original is a prime example of Paride’s dance floor technique. Unique tones and erratic vocal samples introduce layered jabs for an exciting techno reword.

Sam Paganini – Survive [Jam]

If you’re looking for drums that might just start a revolution, this one’s for you. One spin of Sam Paganini’s recently-released heater and you’ll be believing in a higher power of dance.

Paride Saraceni – Jim’s Prophecy [NF$ – Not For Sale imprit] ltd 12″

You probably won’t find this one on your local record store’s shelves, but after one listen you will definitely be looking for it. This limited 12″ press has an iconic hook laced into a playa-esque percussion line that…. just listen.