Clergy Welcomes Kwartz to ‘Show Me That Light’

Manchster-based boss Cleric has set a commanding techno tone in four short years of his Clergy label. In their fourteenth release, the team adds Spanish heavy hitter Kwartz for a double-sided vinyl with three originals and two reworks. Kwartz’s signature tone is made up of pulsing deep and visceral sounds, all surrounded by rhythms designed for the dance floor, ‘Show Me That Light’ is a prime cut of that. 

Leading into the EP with “Contortion”, a track which comes natural to Mario’s sound. The driving rhythms expertly keep the motivation building throughout. “Reload” follows you down a darker path. The deep subtle broken kicks layer on top of eerie pads and perfectly executed hats. Onto the title track “Show me that light”, featuring a rare appearance of vocals for Mario. The soothing voice combined with an arpeggiated synth send you into a state of hypnosis.

The record continues with two strong takes from the label lead. A serious honor for any addition to the roster, it’s great to see Cleric support his selection with reworks of his own. Due to hit the racks on December 14th, this one packs a punch for the big room. If you’re planning to spend any time behind the warehouse decks, we suggest adding this dependable twelve inch to the crate.