Channel Dark Sounds and Buy This ‘Possibly Cursed’ E-mu Sampler

We aren’t usually ones to worry about witchcraft but this story is too much. A recent Craigslist posting from Seattle tells the strange story of an innocent E-mu SP-1200 that’s had an unfortunate mix with witchcraft. Originally-possessed in Brooklyn (which makes perfect sense), the drum machine and sequencer seems to lead to the demise of its users.

Currently the owner it’s ready to let it go on the cheap$$ just to avoid the dark magic of the sequencer. It’s no joke people, game time for those who don’t fear the dark side. Or just grab that perfect holiday gift for your nemesis. Read the full story behind this possession. 

This SP-1200 belonged to my former roommate who bought it for $500 from a woman in Queens, NY who said her son was murdered. We were living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY at the time. 

Ironically 5 years later in our apartment my roommate was violently murdered with a carpet knife in his bedroom/studio by his then ex-girlfriend who learned that he broke up with her because he got another woman pregnant. 

His blood was all over this SP-1200 and after the funeral his Mother gave me legal possession of all his music equipment after she was told by a spirit doctor that the SP-1200 is cursed and she must never touch it herself. 

This unfortunate incident was 5 years ago and I have since moved back to Seattle and cleaned up all of his blood and had this SP-1200 looked at by a technician who says it works perfectly. 

I recently had a dream about my old roommate and he told me that I need to part ways with this SP-1200 and to sell it for the exact price he paid for it or his spirit will be damned forever. Then his Mother called me last night telling me that the spirit doctor called her to tell her that I need to sell this machine for $500 or my roommate’s soul will never rest. 

This of course scares the shit out of me. I never believed in the spirit world and I don’t know if there is an afterlife. But if my holding on to this sampler is preventing my former roommate from a peaceful death then I think selling it is the right thing to do. 

My dream and the phone call from his Mother is too much of a coincidence. I think it’s something I need to listen to and I’m admittedly a stubborn person.

I don’t want to withhold any of this information, because I would hate to be the cause of anyone else losing their life if there really is such things as curses, but if I had a weird dream and his Mother got a phone call from a spirit doctor who said something similar to what I dreamt, then there must be some truth to the whole spirit world shit.

So there it is. Everything I know about this SP-1200 is out in the open…

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