Curses Delivers ‘Romantic Fiction’ in Debut LP

Vamp by nature, Luca Venezia has a long history make waves in the vibrant underground of late night scenes across the globe. A product bred in 80s NYC, Luca’s influences from the raw sounds of Brooklyn are evident in decades of audio output. A key trigger behind the stateside bass movement, Luca’s label started an unstoppable train that took rage-ready dance music to the mains stage. As he’s grown and moved on to other projects, Venezia continues to innovate through a fusion of genres from past and future. New wave, post-punk, synth music, and early EBM are skillfully merged with the DIY approach of punk and rock n roll in Luca’s current Curses project.

Curses 10-track debut on Berlin’s Dischi Autunno marks a new phase for the American artist now residing in the German capital. Founded by Correspondent boss Jennifer Cardini and her partner Noura Labbani, Dischi Autunno focuses on ‘experimental music directed to the home listening experience’. By moving away from the dance floor, this side of Cardnini’s A&R game empowers artists like curses to go out of bounds in a major way. An excellent fit for Curses full-length debut, this analog-heavy album is a journey through the emotion of the underground. Romantic Fiction is a story in the making for quite some time.

‘It’s about escapism and finding comfort in the unknown, fulfilling the empty void by embracing the mysterious. Darkness is a light undiscovered, not something to be frightened of.’

Recorded in entirety by Curses himself, no samples were harmed in the making of this album. Right from the start, it’s apparent that decades of variety went into the diverse release. Blending synth-pop frameworks with dark house tones, each tune is a nostalgic take on electric-fueled indie. Standouts on the front side like ‘Surrender’ and first release ‘Gold & Silber’ layer deep, dark vocal choruses on anthems made for the antichrist. Clean synthetic jab such as those leading ‘Harbinger Of The Light’ paint a unique yet vibrant groove. Exhausted by the current state of competitive dance music monotony, Romantic Fiction is a collection of songs, not DJ tools: songs that work at home, but also in the club should the right crowd beckon.

Things get very interesting as the album progresses through signature sounds of Venezia’s past realized by dark strings and modular machines. Peak punk is reached as Cardini and Curses share a duet on cold wave track eight ‘Silence In The Dark’. Before wrapping up, Curses adds a vinyl exclusive ‘Ressurection’, complete with Ian Curtis-esque vox reflecting the next phase of Luca Venezia as an artist, innovator, and human.

Due out on October 26th, the release is nothing short of transformative. Romantic Fiction is a deeply personal album, triggering a feeling that is unnerving at times, familiar and welcoming at others.


  1. Surrender
  2. Harbinger Of The Light
  3. Crucify
  4. Hex Alium
  5. Gold & Silber feat. Perel
  6. Levitate
  7. Medusa Veil
  8. Silence In The Dark feat. Jennifer Cardini
  9. Talk To Me
  10. Resurrection (vinyl exclusive – hidden track)