Job Jobse Launches De Vlieger with Live Act Karel

Job Jobse has become a global symbol for Amsterdam’s new wave of refined, late night house sounds. From behind the decks of De School and on the racks of Rush Hour, he continues a long history of dance music homegrown in the Dutch capital. Making his name as a DJ and club programmer, it’s only natural that Jobse is ready to curate label releases. This week marks the first as he launches De Vlieger with local artist Karel. Synthwave by nature, this live-centric debut is evidence of the authentic vibe that goes way past sunrise on the floor of De School. Titled ‘Life’, the album reflects Karel powerful stage presence through restrained output. 

“A desire to release music from friends had always been there, but only when I witnessed Karel’s unique energy and his ability to write a perfect pop song in just a few lines, this desire took its first form.”

With an early vinyl release available on shop shelves only, the teasers offer a quick look into this exciting act. A testament from Jobse himself, Karel’s live show is a sight to be seen ‘jumping and flying across the room. One moment hanging from the ceiling, the next taking a plunge into the night. His feet in the air and his head in the clouds.’ Definite channels of classic post-punk vocals make the six-track album prime for listeners, dancers, and everything in between.  

Set to influence a new type of sustainable ravers, De Vlieger’s approach to a collectors release is inspiring to say the least. No doubt taking notes from friends and colleagues like Life and Death’s DJ Tennis, Jobse’s sound and curation are poised to make a global impact. We can’t wait to hear more from this new outlet, in the meantime, grab ‘Life’ direct from Bandcamp or on wax from Rush Hour.