Dean Grenier & Pilo Get Tough on Turbo

Tiga’s label has put out more than a few dance floor weapons, I mean… the guys is an audio genius with a long history of taking the scene to another level. His latest pick is no different as he enlists a cross-continent connection born in Berlin. Dean Grenier and Pilo are lined up for the next round on Twin Turbo as they announce a new EP with a brutal teaser of industrial-esqe techno.

The music is a marriage of dark synth hooks and atmospheric sound design resulting from extensive Berghain-monitored brain damage. It is very fortunate that both artists were wearing their Twin Turbo friendship bracelets at the time or they may have never even gotten past the door.

The electro-driven Canadian outlet has never been afraid to stray from generally accepted sounds, carving out their own space in dance music. LA-based producer Pilo is no stranger to gritty sounds and not new on Turbo. Teaming up with Berlin-based Dean Grenier, the release follows Grenier’s recent modular techno record on Omnidisc.

If the first track ‘Kern’ is any idea of what to expect, get ready for a black eye on the dance floor and prepare to meet it with a style. Impactful leads overtake a driving drumline for one of those tracks that wake you up in the midst of the most hype all night sets. Fit for the authentically raw floors of Tresor and beyond, this one is proof that the boundaries between techno and electro are long gone.