Diego Krause Announces Double Vinyl LP on Rawax

Since 2011, Frankfurt’s Rawax and sub-labels have been slinging dependable 12″ cuts ready for the dance floor. Now with a deep catalog still running strong, they prep a full length from Beste Modus co-boss Diego Krause. Well known for his personal imprint Unison Wax, Krause is no stranger to vibe-heavy house cuts pressed for pleasure. Frequently features on labels in Germany and beyond, it’s no surprise that Rawax is prime fit for the album.

Dubbed ‘State of Flow’ the LP is a masterclass in timeless house tones pruned for dance floors with taste. Cutting his teeth with over twenty EPs over the past six year, the album comes as a welcome release for the seasoned Deutsch prducer

Delivered in two parts, the six tracks in total span sounds of punchy house. Tracks like Stumblers and Pleasure Principle blending until percussive tones on a framework of classic drumlines. Nine minutes of powerful house make Unfinished Business the strong standout across the album. All in all, the tunes fit into any versatile set making Krause’s album yet another solid investment for your crate.

Order ‘State of Flow’ Part 1 on Green Vinyl