Gerd Janson Joins Dixon In a Rare Lecture at RBMA Berlin

Dixon (AKA Steffen Berkhahn) and Gerd Janson are two of most celebrated and hardest working DJs in Germany. In October, the pair sat down on the Red Bull Music Academy lecture couch for a rare, in-depth look into their careers, personal lives and the contemporary electronic music scene.

Taking place as part of the Academy’s 20th anniversary edition in Berlin, the frank and engaging conversation spans the highs and lows of running a record label, the art of all-night-long sets, and the high demand for self-promotion faced by emerging artists today.

In addition to offering insights into the upper echelons of the electronic music industry, the lecture also includes unflinching self-assessment from both Janson and Dixon, who has consistently been ranked as the world’s top DJ.

The lecture is now available to watch in full on the Red Bull Music Academy YouTube and is hosted by Christine Kakaire.