Dutch Collective De Lichting Release Second Double LP

Amsterdam-based De Lichting represents the underground heartbeat of a city who set the pace of global techno. Three labels working as one, the collective is made up of Yield Records, Native Response and Working Titles. Eleven tracks pressed to two records, ‘Twee’ is the sophomore release resulting from the local collaboration. This group the cities finest are an inspiration for movers and shakers across the globe. Proving strength in numbers, the like-minded trifecta offers an ’emotionally charged’ album that no one could deliver independently. 

De Lichting’s first endeavor sparked the concept in May with double LP ‘Één’. As many of the same artists return for round two, the repeats are evidence of tight-knit DIY teams behind this boutique imprints. Hand-stamped with love from the city, these releases aren’t just another notch in the belt. Aiming to delivery balanced sounds for sets and listening alike, underground 2.0 is a movement that isn’t just for the club.  

“a coming of age story narrated by a bunch of music heads from the same city.”

The tracklisting reflects names that have put in late AMS nights. Nathan Surreal, queniv, RDS, Scott Franka, Kaap, Eversines, Human Space Machine and Deltitnu collectively come from the labels but form an organic VA that’s comprehensively diverse. From front to back, the release tells a story of quality-based alternative sounds. Staying true to the palatable melodies that make Dutch techno so appealing, track’s like queniv’s ‘apocalyptical banger’ on B2 make both records club crate essentials. However, big kick drums don’t spoil every tune in DL02. The familiar sound of breaks make and appearance in the generally-four on the floor release. Yet Boris Acket & Kaap’s live improvised starter and Eversine’s D3 finisher cap both ends of this album with ambient soundscapes that truly embody the album concept.