European Carryall: A New Label by Telephones

‘From The Vaults 1998-2018 Vol. 1′ is the the first release from Telephones’ new label European Carryall. Before we get to that, a quick look a the artist himself. The project appeared back around 2010 on Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp imprint focused on Norwegian talent. It’s safe to say, Henning Severud ranks high on the long list of exciting producers in the region. Later releases on Gerd Janson’s Running Back, Telephones is a solid fixture on the rack.

“a very interesting and long story, way back, to these tracks. And I promise you they are excellent.”


Now on the the good stuff, it’s a metaphorical suitcase I guess. In Europe. Playing super funky house tunes. We definitely dig it and you will too. Per Henning, he ‘dug up from the attic in Norway’ last year. Tribute to his early days while still being introduced to house, this record indicates his foundations in seminal sounds. Boasting three tracks of timeless Chicago-esque cuts, the Berlin-based Norwegian shows why he’s ready to set up shop.

Preview the Record Here


  • A1: Aquatrak (AM FM Mix)
  • B1: Amerikadegåri (453-459 Mix)
  • B2: Hurricane (Purple Mix)

Source: TRN