False Witness debut on E-Missions in ‘Red Curtain Daybreak’

P.Leone has been quietly growing E-Missions, an organic NYC techno label, consistently building a powerhouse. Marking release number seven is less than two years since founding, the Brooklyn-bred outlet is poised to blow up in a big way. The latest addition to the roster is no stranger the scene that makes this label tick. 

Marco Gomez’s False Witness project is a multifaceted look at this artist’s meticulous output. Already in the local spotlight, his sound is as a hyper-focused, aggressive, yet eclectic style of techno that is informed by their experiences navigating Brooklyn’s underground. Growing his project as a graduate student pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts, Gomez is no stranger of the right way to do it. His calculated approach to a harder edge of techno is best experienced on the floor, as shown in his recent Boiler Room sunrise set. 

False Witness’ first on E-Missions is three-track ‘Red Curtain Daybreak’ EP. The release acts as a soundtrack Gomez’s experience of the new light and space movement within the Brooklyn underground. The title track is a fast and furious techno roller with relentless drums and a hypnotic lead. Named after Lauren Berlant’s constitutive theoretical work on neoliberal desire, ‘Cruel Optimism’ offers respite from the chaos with a contemplative projection of post-euphoria.

On the flip, ‘Devil May Cry’ reworks the same elements of ‘Red Curtain Daybreak’ into a peak time techno roller with a sinister bassline. Finally, German producer Henning Baer concludes matters with a hypnotic remix of ‘Devil May Cry’ featuring a captivating rhythmic arrangement.

False Witness ‘Red Curtain Daybreak’ drops on E-Missions on 8th February 2019.


1. Red Curtain Daybreak
2. Cruel Optimism
3. Devil May Cry
4. Devil May Cry (Henning Baer Remix)