P. Leone Milestone on E-Missions

Coney Island’s own powerhouse heavyweight and amateur handball wiz P.Leone delivers six impactful tracks for cat 010 on his own E-Missions label. After recently returning to Radio Slave’s Rekids, his solo project is making waves alongside the label itself. Well received records like False Witness’ Red Curtain Daybreak EP have quickly carved out a space for the Brooklyn based outlet on dance floors across the globe.

The record’s journey through intricate percussion on the path to dominate dance floor sounds. Influenced by Chicago classics and more recent heavy house hitters, Spencer Parker and Anthony Parasole; P.Leone’s 10th solo release shows more definition than ever around his driving original tone. When we met up with P.Leone earlier this year at Halcyon, Salvatore shared a few records, all evidence of the past, present, and future of the project. ‘Raw Emotion’ culminates BK roots and Berling residence over that past decade.

‘Never Alone’ opens the package with heavy rolling drums, dark tones and delicate vocals, leading into ‘Precious Standards’ which is packed with ticking loops and fades. ‘Let’s Give Up Together’ starts with light acid sounds and evolves to generate a sci-fi aesthetic, leading into the peak time focused ‘We Don’t Talk To 12’ with its uplifting synths and vocal stabs. Nearing the end, ‘Factory Free’ creates a stomping performance with its heavy groove and icy buildups, until ‘Anche Se’ provides an electric conclusion to a powerful six-tracker demonstrating P.Leone’s versatility as a producer.