Bring On the Weekend with this Wax Mix from Eric Cloutier

We’re a sucker for good Dj set and this one by Eric Cloutier definitely does the trick. All vinyl and mostly house the Detroit native and Berlin based selektor supplies the perfect soundtrack to a sunny afternoon. As a global influence on underground sound and the art of DJing, Eric is a driving force as a trendsetter and tastemaker. 

As a career DJ, Cloutier has put the decks first. Prioritizing the art of selection above studio prowess, this Motor City kid was bred in the midst of techno royalty. Founder of the recently-launched Palinoia Records, Eric’s impact on electronic production is just gearing up. Known for a particularly cosmic style of acid-like techno, entrancing sets by this expat fit right in with the German underground.

This three hour tour of wax was taped at Berlin’s ://about.blank space. The ‘formerly illegal’ club is an endless maze of techno which opens their summer patio for the DJ elite. This extended set is a shining example of the city’s magical sounds. Hit follow on Eric, because there is much more to come.