Butane Clocks In Again on His Extrasketch Label

Little Helpers founder Butane has cut his teeth on a fair share of top labels on both sides of the Atlantic. Recently, he’s doing is own thing on self-proclaimed ‘vanity imprint’ Extrasketch. Dishing out five EPs since starting the imprint last year, the San Franciso-based producers boutique wax outlet has been a full-time side project.  

Andrew Rasse’s bio reads ‘producer, chef, wine collector, science enthusiast, philosopher, and DJ.’ While building his own artist moniker, he’s managed to build two internationally-supported labels from the west-coast underground hub. Alphahouse Records and Little Helpers have been quite the proving ground of what’s to come as the evolved Butane seeks to bring impactful percussive techno in a new way. 

Three-track ‘Turnt EP’ doesn’t stray far from Butane’s club-ready expectations. ‘Playing Games With Electricity’ kicks off the release with bouncy toms and soulful samples for a deep techno beat that’s as playful as it is strong. The warehouse vibe that Butane’s home city is known for quickly kicks in on track two. Titled ‘The Pressure’, this standout heater boasts a kick you won’t quickly forget. Finally, Rasse gets technical on the tribal-heavy finale ‘Sexy’. All in all, the 12″ will serve you well behind the decks. Look for it on the racks November 2nd. 

EX06 Tracklist

1. Playing Games With Electricity
2. The Pressure
3. Sexy

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