Watch Fjaak ‘Take Your Life’ with Koogan

Fjaak made a rise with powerful acid cuts but now they’re known as techno’s favorite boyband and dance music’s biggest weed heads. The German trio has become one of the main stage’s hottest acts with a relentless original sound and unwavering big room percussion. The first tune from their forthcoming album just hit the webs and it’s a club heater wrapped with rave visuals. A tease for Havel LP the first track ‘Take Your Life’ is a prime display of the group’s innovative approach to familiar big techno sounds. 

Enlisting Koogan for a chorus that resembles the iconic tones of Underworld, the debut single off of Fjaak’s sophomore full length is evidence of the group’s maturity in underground sound. The appealing vox seems to enhance pulsing chords of these comedic producers. Maybe it’s the weed, or maybe it’s studio time, but these guys are crafting techno made for the masses. Blending a timeless sound with club prowess, the self-release 10 track is bound to impress. Trip out on the video for now but keep watch for the album next month. 

01. Version 
02. Take Your Life (Feat. Koogan) 
03. I Could Never Live Without You By My Side 
04. Martin (Feat. J.Manuel) 
05. Apollo Tag 2 (Feat. Fadi Mohem and Tobi Neumann) 
06. xArctic Warmth 
07. **Smells Like Security** 
08. Netto (Interlude) 
09. All My Friends Are In The Bathroom (Feat. Koogan, Fadi Mohem and J.Manuel) 
10. Aniol