Heidi Sabertooth Debuts on UFO Inc.

Live-centric NYC local, Heidi Sabertooth, has just dropped a new record you won’t want to miss. Refining her sound by testing hardware on the dance floor, Sabertooth wields a gritty analog sound at a pace fit for the energetic crowd. Clocking in as release number four on Ellen Allien’s new label journey, Sabertooth’s sound steps into the global spotlight with this milestone record.

At the center of her set, Sabertooth stays spontaneous while pushing the boundaries of gear. In particular, endless nights of iteration on a Roland SH-101, Korg ESX2 Electribe and Yamaha DX200 went into this latest record. As a regular fixture at key spaces in Brooklyn, this is one act that’s poised to go global very soon. Clearly focused on quality over quantity, this four-track 12″ marks the fourth record in her developing discography.

“I like things to be human. I think you can feel it in the recording when the hands are touching the machine – the human/machine/spirit connection. This is why I named the EP ‘With The Void.’ That’s how I like to create: jump into outer space, into the unknown, with my machines and we all have an experience together – a cosmic electric dance. That’s when I hit the record button.“