Foamek Goes Full Rave of HAUS of ALTER’s Second Release

HAUS of ALTR is hands down one of the most exciting projects we’ve seen in a while. Curated by Gallery S. aka MoMa Ready, this New York-based label is the new rave crew of your dreams. Embodying all that is fresh from the past, present, and future, their catalog of only two releases already showcases the sounds of a seasoned selector. Poised to take over the late-night scene in the city that never sleeps, 002 is choice follow up to their growing channel of mixes and originals. 

Tapped for the sophomore release is local up and comer Foamek. Active in the radio circuit with his own weekly show, he was recently found behind the decks at The Lot. Now here with a meaty 7-track EP, he’s evidence of a new wave of producers rooted in classic throwback sounds rooted in rave. Dubbed ‘Elysian Fields’, this one’s likely to take you back to betters days. An audio reflection of warehouse culture and the early days of the stateside house explosion, each tune is a new journey through anthemic chords that feel so damn familiar. 

Tracks like Chardonnay and Cybernetic Affair paint a picture of rave being introduced to the main stage. Somewhere between Balearic super clubs and abandoned San Francisco warehouses, HAUS of ALTER leads the way into a rave new world. No afraid to crank up the BPM, Foamek is a beacon of shining light in an otherwise cookie-cutter techno scene. Inspiring at a minimum, euphoric on the dance floor, this release spans generations as instant essential. 

Grab the full release on Bandcamp