Stockholm HiFi Hotspot Launches Hosoi Recordings

Founded as a listening lounge and general good spot for hangs, Stockholm’s Hosoi is launching their own imprint you won’t want to miss. Built on a foundation of quality, the lounge-esque scene is focused on listening vs. partying. As a regular stop for selectors and analogue innovators from Sweden and beyond, quite a few influential names have stopped for a snap in front of their custom-built KRS centerpiece.

It’s no surprise that the Hosoi crew grabbed something great for the first release of their label project. Swedish producer HNNY takes 001 with a rare 2-track EP that reflects the shop itself. As a resident of Hosoi, HNNY’s familiarity with the aesthetic sees a slight departure from his familiar house groove. The release is cut from the same cloth as his ‘Music For Listening’ series – a Sunday hangout for Stockholm’s discerning music lovers. This debut and ones to come will all be curated for the room itself; how’s that for a quality concept?

‘By’ nostalgically suspends the listener in time with looped female vocals, gentle guitar melodies and patterned hip hop beats. Meanwhile on the flip, ‘Hosoi’ is coloured with twinkling keys which delightfully run over the top of lush chords sitting atop a bed of jazz percussion. Vinyl crackling throughout evokes the sound of spinning wax heard at the stylish venue.

HNNY ‘Hosoi’ drops on Hosoi Recordings on 13th September 2019.