Hunter/Game Unveil ‘The Island’, Visual LP Pairing

Coming of age in the Milan underground, techno duo Hunter/Game have always held a keen eye for attractive packaging on all works of art. In their ‘departure from the dance floor’, the two producers took techno to new bounds in their recent LP. After revisiting 6 tracks from a series of club-ready EP, the Afterlife-signed act explore minimalism while giving all tracks new life.

Reinventing techno in a uniform approach, Hunter/Game strip out the 4/4 kick drums for bare bones delivery of urban analogue. Similar to the sounds, ‘The Island’ outlines a black and white narrative of dance. Garbed performers emulate the sweeping melodies of first track of the album. The ethereal landscape is only stamped by a negative text representing the space between works. The message is clear, remove what’s expected from standard techno and the journey goes into unknown territory.

Teaming up with visual artists Luca Gasperoni and Luca Sarti, Hunter/Game deliver a total package for this concept project in three minutes of modular imagery. Building on an impactful discography of experimental techno, the duo continue to prove their vision strays beyond sound. Delivered through their own Kompakt-distributed Just This imprint, the duo innovate through sound while creating works inline with genre-less trends.

As Hunter/Game remain consistent as a fixture in essential lineups from New York to Amsterdam, the Italian presence is felt an ever-evolving new wave of techno. Keep watch as these two lead gritty warehouse dance floors by night and push the world of avant-garde techno in the studio.

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