Illegal Jazz Is the Toy Tonic Sub-label You Won’t Get

Given the ‘new normal’, this release is a bit painful to share, instilling a portrait of the blissful, pre-summer open airs that we’ve come to expect in mid May. The work of Toy Tonics headman Kapote and former OYE Records selector DELFONIC, Illegal Jazz Vol. 2 is a 3 track EP driven from the depths of the two’s collective vinyl stockpiles.

Melding blissful chord progressions and percussive buoyancy, the reworks walk amongst the stellar re-edits that can be found. Marauding basslines, dancefloor sax, and heavy enough on the keys for any set at Dekmantel, the tracks are sure to bring sunshine to whatever stage of delirium you currently find yourself in. Deriving track names from suspected sample components, why not give yourself something to do and try to track down the originals.

 Released via their new label TOY TOYE, this one is already confirmed gone from stores. Due to an inventory snafu the label itself had to buy back copies of the limited 300-record pressing. Keep watch for the next round, this stuff is gold.