Toto Chiavetta Delivers Harmony Somewhere

A frequent collaborator with the Innervisions crew, Italian Toto Chiavetta clocks in for release number 80 on the seminal Berlin label and it’s earned a spot as a unique addition to the club crate. A quick turnaround from recent release on Mule and his third EP on Dixon’s label, it’s safe to say Toto is part of the crew. After being tapped for two remixes of Holwing’s smash single Phases, we knew this talent was one to watch. Dishing four percussive tracks, Harmony Somewhere EP is definitely made for the dance floor. 

“Just imagine an unlimited number of invisible sensory tentacles sprouting from the brain straight to exploring the future. For some years now we are in good relation with Toto, more and more we see creations develish detailed and deep as hell” – Innervisions

Wasting no time to make an impact, side A1 ‘The Core’ takes a primal approach to a techno cut. Hollow drums lead to echoing synths for an ominous ballad that is probably best experienced in an Amazonian cave. It’s just a warm-up, but worth it’s weight in wax. Continuing on the front side, Transit Europe Express is a leading march in tribal drums and paces vocal samples. Vocalist Idd Aziz takes the record into an interesting turn adding a taste of Kenya on the chorus to pair with manic bongos. Finishing off with the title track, Toto brings it home through powerful techno drumline and subtle yet catchy melodies. 

It’s clear that Toto has taken a unique approach to dance floor music. Embodying the fresh take that Innervisions was built on, Harmony Somewhere stays true to its title placing you somewhere off the grid. 

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