Buy Jamie XX’s Elektron Drum Machine

Timeless while in the booth and innovative when part of the band, Jamie XX is undoubtedly a legend in sounds of any genre. Now’s your chance to recreate some of those stellar XX sounds with one of Jamie’s own Elektron drum machines. Used in the creation of the band’s 2016 Young Turks release ‘I See You’, this hardware is a verified hitmaker. If the allure of gear from the stars isn’t enough, the auction is all for a good cause. 

Benefit for Sweden radio’s Music Aid, the proceeds go toward ensuring schooling for marginalized groups. Available for the next couple of days via online auction, the bidding has already started for the locally-built drum machine. Check out many other listings for dance fans and beyond as Music Aid enlists help from across Sweden to contribute to the cause. 

Music Aid – Everyone has the right to work differently.

Music Aid is a charity event organized in collaboration between P3 Sweden’s Radio, SVT Play and Radio Help, where an undisputed humanitarian disaster is noted. People with disabilities are among the world’s most marginalized groups and, according to estimates, as many as 9 out of 10 children with disabilities do not attend school. Through Music Assistance, projects can be supported that work for inclusive school and care and increased knowledge in society. Thank you for bidding for Music Aid auctions.

Buy the Elektron Analog Rhythm MK1