Jörg Burger Compiles ‘Velvet Desert Music’

Can Desert Music even be defined as a sound? Köln-based Kompakt Records will give it a go. The tight-knit crew never fail to deliver releases that go against the grain, it’s their calling card in terms of ‘electronic’ innovation. With the announcement of a brand new series this Spring, the German tastemakers once again weave generes thoughout a compilation that’s unexpectedly made for the dance floor.

Following their pattern of curated series, Velvet Desert Music Volume 1 builds on well-received projects like Pop Ambient and Total. This one comes from the eclectic mind of Jörg Burger aka The Modernist, The Black Frame, Burger/Ink, the list goes on. The German producer and friend of the label was a driving factor for this new, downtempo, concept.

Kompakt introduces a new series that combines elements of rock, folk, country, surf, krautrock and psychedelic in contemporary electronic music

Twelve carefully selected tracks make up the diverse first episode of this ready for listening, better for dancing release. Featuring regulars from all corners of the Kompakt network, names like Fantastic Twins, Rebodello, Superpitcher, and Sascha Funke line the tracklist. Burger himself makes his mark clear with multiple appearances throughout the album. Originals and remixes as Jörg Burger, The Modernist, The Black Frame, and Burger/Ink, Desert Music is definitely his style.

Preview the release by streaming (Jörg) The Black Frame’s rework of ‘Mountain Eagle’. Get first dibs on this great addition to the collection by ordering now.

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