Kedr Livanskiy Announces ‘Your Need’ LP

Kedr Livanskiy is a Russian producer that doesn’t play by your rules. In a short few years, she’s carved out her own corner of the western dance market with sounds and visuals that showcase her

In a self-proclaimed rut following the regional and global success of her debut album, Livanskiy admits to losing touch with her artistic focus. I guess they say that music heals, and seems to work for the still-young act. Finding her footing behind the decks, Kedr spun a variety of sounds heard as frameworks of the LP. Fitting for the tough streets, ghetto, house, breakbeat and UK garage are what brought her back and give a hard edge to first single.

“This song is about a girl who’s a badass. “Pu**y gonna sit on your face” – this is a mythical, crazy expression from the ghettos of Russia’s Marino district. This is a message to everyone who doesn’t believe in you, to all the haters and good-for-nothings. It means, shut your mouth.”

The album itself tells a tale of Livanskiy’s live and surrounding. It’s a story that illustrates different scenarios and moods that our mythical hero experiences, living in an urban jungle. From lost love to a bad trip on the dance floor, from euphoria to deep introspection.

Everything Kedr loves about ghetto music, in the traditions of house, dub, breakbeat, 90s electronic music and modern sounds – she’s embraced and expressed it all throughout. Your Need is Kedr’s ode to music from different eras and changing periods.

Expect the album from Mike Simonetti’s New Jersey-based 2MR, the home for all thing Kedr Livanskiy. Keep watch as she stays busy on the road with an essential live show.