&ME Blasts You Back to 1995

Unlike many artists who slowly creep their way in release after release, &ME was all of the sudden just there. After founding Keinemusik in 2009 with a like-minded group of Berlin musicians, André Boadu became an instant fixture. Now back on the label with a throwback 12″ subtly titled ‘1995 EP’, &ME’s familiar vocal house is an essential record to round out summer.

Through a combination of group aliases, well-received collaborations, and his late 2000s hit F.I.R., this is one producer who’s certainly cut his teeth in dance. His track on the B-side of Circoloco’s 20-year anniversary vinyl is evidence of &ME’s impact on Ibiza and beyond.

The EP’s title track lays a commanding lead over breaky percussion; it’s steady build is one those classic club sounds that fills the cracks in a set and keeps floors working. The guy knows how to create a solid four on the floor beat. It’s the backside featuring vox from Atelier that steals the show. An emotic ballad that resembles Ry X and Frank Wiedemann’s The Howling project, this one cross the boundaries of the club into a timeless techno tune fitting from sunset to sunrise.

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