Weval Releases a Psychedelic Organ-Fueled Banger

Fresh off of a sold out gig at Amsterdam’s iconic Paradiso venue, Weval announced a brand new full-length for 2019. The Dutch duo have crafted out their own corner of unique electronic and now are fitting right at home on Kompakt. Kicking things off with a new single today, “The Weight” due to hit the racks March 1st.

A psychedelic gospel reminiscent of early 2000’s indie dance, “Heaven, Listen” plays heavy on vocoders and space age organs at delightful affect. Evoking the encore-like feeling of a dance floor at closing time, droning vocals slide throughout for a dreamy track to fade out with. Releasing via powerhouse Kompakt, a round of applause for a solid vocal release in 2019.

Grab the Record from Kompakt