Label Love: Long Island Electric Systems (L.I.E.S.)

As they quickly approach their 100th release, the demand for L.I.E.S continues to rise. In their short 7 year tenure, the Brooklyn-based wax house has a sound to match the industrial landscape of Red Hook. Adhering to a common low bit vibe, the acidic and borderline IDM records reflect a ‘higher form of consciousness’ take on electronica. If you aren’t familiar, it’s time.

In the days of post-commercial dance music, the club and art of Djing have lost their brash history of expression through pulse. The origins of dance we’re shrouded in production or pyrotechnics, early raves in cities like NYC, Detroit, and San Francisco let the music conjure trippy visuals (in the minds of attendees). L.I.E.S. are bringing the heat with a stomping form of post-apocalyptic techno that will keep the punters away.

The rise of L.I.E.S. is one of the most significant and encouraging developments in American underground electronic music in years. – Pitchfork

As the label prepares to celebrate the 100th market with a ‘LIES’ cat, it’s safe to say the city has embraced the taste of acid techno. By digging deep into the catalog, it’s evident that the label’s lack of boundaries has paved the path to success. Welcoming sounds from all corners of the electric spectrum, the label’s full discography presents a stellar crate that could exclusively pack sets.

Built on the standard love/hate (but really love) relationship with the city, boss Ron Morelli has focused his roster on local tones. Almost as if to reflect the grit of a New York sewer, the regionally-bred artists that find their records on L.I.E.S. seem to meet a certain requirement for unapologetic club sounds.

As the crew powers past the hundred mark, we can’t wait to support them through the next centenary. By ditching the bottle service vibe and pushing exclusive yet grimy warehouses, L.I.E.S. are almost single-handedly making New York techno great again (yes I said it). Follow this crew if you’re ready to take club music to the next level.

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