Meditation Tunnel is Post Punk Revival on Life and Death

These guys are taking the post-punk approach seriously, don’t call it a revival. As vocalist for the now-defunct Brooklyn band The Rapture, Manfredi Romano’s latest pick for Life and Death comes from 90s and early 00s royalty. Already on the roster of DFA and Subpop, Luke Jenner knows how to approach a timeless record. Reinventing familiar sounds is what Luke does, Meditation Tunnel is how he does it in 2018. 

Luke’s current bio reflects that of a changed man, connected with the past and aware of a different future. A beacon for the Brooklyn sound at the time, playing the same songs every night an indie frontman has its stressors. He admits that in the band’s prime he ‘was wasted and afraid, missing his family, waking up on tour busses and hotel rooms feeling really lonely’. This is something different, music at his own free will from start to finish. 

Luke has real friends now, not to say that the old friends were not real, but the new ones are different. Luke is different, the music is a little different, but the core is the same. There is just less stuff in the way this time.

After participating in Tennis’ vinyl-only side project the ‘Blitz’ Series, Meditation Tunnel clocks in as LAD039 on the main label. The three originals in ‘Glittering Jewel’ reflect Luke’s expertise of emotional vox and drum-machine melodies. We can’t get enough of this transformation from old to new. Sure it’s nostalgic to remember the vintage Levi’s that you bought new when the Rapture was on the rise, but this takes those years to another level. Going was out of bounds is the only way to find fleeting cosmic leads like those found on first track ‘Glittering Jewel’. The project is evidence of experience in sound paired with a spark to continue innovating. Moody by nature, Jenner’s past in punk is a faint tone underneath the matured electronica that is Meditation Tunnel.

With Manfredi behind the wheel of the unstoppable train that has become Life and Death, nothing can go wrong. The label’s consistent discography compliments their eye for curated event experiences. Born as a tastemaker outlet for music, the brand has become a way of life. 


A1: Glittering Jewel

A2: Fire Fly

B1: Fire Fly (Red Axes Remix)

B2: Silent Son

Don’t miss as they take the main stage of ADE this year.