Whitesquare Announces ‘Visual Distortion of Reality’

Whitesquare is one of those projects who appear to float just below the surface in underground music. The Rome-based producer has cut his teeth releasing subtle techno across influential outlets like Toy Tonics and 20:20 Visions. For a couple of years, he even curated his own label project, Lyase Recordings, the label who debuted the Amelie Lens project. Now he’s back with a new EP on fellow Italian, DJ Tennis’ Life and Death.

Known for a restrained style of timeless techno, Whitesquare fits right at home for the labels post-punk-equse techno sound. Sporting a sustainable sound through and through, the release reflects the casual dancefloor vibes of the label’s universally-loved showcases.

Life and Death: Visual Distortion of Reality’ kicks things off with a brilliantly rugged bassline underlining loose hits and drum fills. A robotic acid line takes the track far into the future and primes it for real dance floor destruction. The excellent ‘Not Moving’ is a spaced out electro styled cut with lithe drums and sleek synths journeying into the cosmos. Another killer bassline brings things to life in real style as you’re taken ever higher. Lastly, ’Jasmine’ is another trip to the stars, with a squelchy bassline and crisp snares impossible to ignore as they ride on perfectly programmed drums. This one gets a subtle Re-Match from DJ Tennis who layers in a little more synth drama and darkness as a result.